Lead Advantage

Turn website visitors into prospects with Lead Advantage

97% of website visitors leave websites without requesting information. Now you can identify your website visitor’s company, pages viewed, time on your site, as well as their location and key contacts with Lead Advantage.

With Lead Advantage you receive daily emails reporting the companies that visited your website along with their location and pages viewed. You can set-up email alerts to notify you when target companies visit your website, track customer and competitor visits, new versus return visitors and much more. Now you can turn unknown website visitors into prospects with LEAD ADVANTAGE.

Website Visitor Identification

  • Identify companies visiting your website
    Identify your website visitors!

    Identify your website visitors!

  • Identify key contacts by job title at each company
  • Track visitor page views & time on site
  • Flag customers, competitors and target prospects
  • Receive email alerts when target companies visit
  • Daily email reports of visiting companies
  • View visitors by geography
  • APIs for retrieving visitor & traffic data

Web Visitor Analytics

  • Real-time visitor reporting
  • Track unique visitors, page views, & time spent viewing
  • Track new versus return visitors
  • Identify visitors by search engine (Google, BING, Yahoo!, etc.)
  • Identify links generating visitor to your site (Banner ads, associations, social media, etc.)

Campaign Manager

  • Real-time campaign reporting
  • Track banner ad leads to actual sales
  • Measure campaign effectiveness by cost-per-click
  • Drill down to visitor details by geography and IP address
  • Track campaign R.O.I.

         Add 800# and Web Chat services for complete customer engagement!


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