Social CRM…Bi-Directional marketing on the Information “Super Highway”

Social CRM

Are your customers listening to you? Are you listening to them?

Technology to leverage the social media for marketing and Customer Relationship Management, like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram are more, is moving forward at light speed.  Not long ago marketing involved pushing out information believed to be meaningful to customers with websites essentially serving as online brochures. Companies spoke and customers listened. No longer.  Today, thanks to Social CRM, the marketing messages move in both directions.  Not only can marketers deliver their messages, but they can:

  1. Discover what topics are important to their customers
  2. Engage your customer community regarding those topics
  3. Get direct customer feedback.

How cool is that?

But it is not quite as simple as it sounds. It requires some work.  For anyone looking to build their Social CRM strategy, Patrick Dorsey has an excellent column in that is worth a read.  He states in his column:

“The expectations of clients and consumers are changing as social media and mobile applications become a bigger part of their lives. Pushing out marketing and sales messages is no longer enough to build awareness, leads, and sales. Communication flows both ways now. Customers expect organizations to listen, respond, and act upon what they learn.”

Dorsey goes on to discuss some of the things necessary for developing and implementing a SocialCRM strategy starting with a change in “corporate culture” and how we think about marketing and engaging our customers.

Internet technologies are driving us all to consider new marketing strategies and tactics or risk being left in the dust.  Are you considering using Social CRM technologies?  Are you already successfully using them?  It’s a brave new world and this is a boat you can’t afford to miss. What does “Social CRM” mean to you?


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