We recognize that every company's needs and objectives are different. That is why Ultimate Lead's products and services are tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our products can be purchased separately or as a bundled Service Package. Call us at 800.323.0550 for a detailed quote.

Sales Lead Management - Starting at $25 / User*

  • Sales lead processing
  • Automatic lead assignments by territory ULTIMATELEAD Mobile
  • Automatic lead activity notices
  • Matching corporate color scheme
  • User hierarchy viewing privileges
  • Real-time tracking dashboards
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Simple call reporting
  • Follow-up call scheduling
  • Track Wins & Losses
  • Track rep follow-up activity
  • Media Effectiveness Report
  • Daily data back-up
  • Webinar Training
  • Webform capture API
  • Corporate portal integration
  • Corporate color schemes
  • Mobile phone browser application

* Per month plus lead processing, set-up, training & suppport

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Customer Relationship Management - Starting at $45 / User* (See below)

  • Includes Sales Lead ManagementCRM Dashboard
  • Accounts, Contacts, Call Reports & Tasks
  • Track multiple Sales Opportunities by account
  • Easily add attachments
  • Create “Relationships” between accounts
  • Quick Search function to easily find records
  • Easily download data into Excel
  • Real-time performance dashboards
  • Viewing privileges by user access level
  • APIs for data capture & retrieval
  • Third-party software integration (Optional)
  • Daily data back-up
  • IT and Administration Support
  • User Training

* Per month plus Set-Up, Training & Support package.

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Live Web Chat - Starting at $125 / Month*

  • Customized chat windows
  • Pre-chat surveysLive Web Chat
  • Canned responses to common questions
  • URL push to chat visitors
  • Referrals to distributors, reps & departments
  • Post-chat surveys
  • Transcript posting to Lead Manager
  • Sales lead forwarding to reps
  • Chat interest reporting
  • More

* Per chat cost applies based on script length and complexity.

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800# Call Center - Starting at $125 / Month*

  • Live Operators800# Call Center Services
  • Dedicated 800#
  • Company specific greetings
  • Company specific scripting
  • Caller information capture
  • Detailed interest capture
  • Lead qualification
  • Call transfers/referrals
  • Call resolution logging
  • Lead routing to sales by territory
  • Call activity reporting
  • More

* Plus per call cost based on scripting & handling. May be combined with other services.

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Lead Advantage - Starting at $150 / Month

Website Visitor Identification

  • Identify companies visiting your website

    Identify your website visitors!

     Identify key contacts by job title at each company

  • Track visitor page views & time on site
  • Flag customers, competitors and target prospects
  • Receive email alerts when target companies visit
  • Daily email reports of visiting companies
  • View visitors by geography
  • APIs for retrieving visitor & traffic data

Web Visitor Analytics

  • Real-time visitor reporting
  • Track unique visitors, page views, & time spent viewing
  • Track new versus return visitors
  • Identify visitors by search engine (Google, BING, Yahoo, and more)
  • Identify links generating visitor traffic (Banner ads, associations, social media, etc.)

Campaign Manager

  • Real-time campaign reporting
  • Track banner ad leads to actual sales
  • Measure campaign effectiveness by cost-per-click
  • Drill down to visitor details by geography and IP address
  • Track campaign R.O.I.

Add 800# and Web Chat services for complete customer engagement.

Call 1.800.323.0550 for more information and to schedule a 10-day free trial

Administration & Support

Administration and support of CRM and Sales Lead Management programs requires expertise Set-Up and Supportand timely response.  Your support team is here to help by handling user additions, changes, viewing privileges, special requests, custom programming and much more.

Support for your program can be purchased at an hourly rate, or as a prepaid package of hours at discounted rates.

Please call 800.323.0550 for details on our support plans