Marketing Automation – Learning from Failure

People usually don’t write about their failures with technology, particularly Marketing Automation or CRM technology. It’s embarrassing and can even be a job killer, but that’s where some of the best lessons are learned. Recently a client of ours embarked on a big marketing automation initiative with Marketo. The consulting firm charged them more than $10,000 per month for its expertise. The result: “sales ready” leads that weren’t sales ready at all. The return: “Bupkis”.  There was more to the story, of course, but it precipitated their dropping the vendor.

Marketing Automation – Learning from Failure

Joby Blume withe Bright Carbon out of the U.K. reveals the lessons he learned for his marketing automation misadventure with Marketo, and what he is doing differently, in an excellent post. Blume shares how his firm, understaffed and without the expertise, got caught up in the promise of marketing automation only to fail. READ HIS POST HERE.  He doesn’t single out Marketo. He points out, it can happen with any technology. Take your pick: Hubspot, Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Eloqua, and many more.

When rolling out new technology it is always best to walk before you run.  Have the right strategy, goals and buy-in from all stakeholders and then pilot a new program with a small team before doing a full roll-out.  And make sure to have the right expertise and support to back you up.

If you are responsible for implementing new marketing and sales technology, learning about the challenges and how to avoid some pitfalls can be a big help.  There is plenty of useful information on the web.  But it’s the stories of failure – the “train wrecks” if you can find them – that are the more revealing.

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We learn from our successes but BIG lessons are learned from failures. Preferably someone else’s.

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