Who needs a Lead Management Department?

The other day and out-of-the-blue, a client emailed over a file and asked that we import it into their CRM program. This is not an uncommon occurrence here at Ultimate Lead. As is typical, our client said nothing about the formatting or the importance of the many miscellaneous fields that accompanied the names and addresses.  And no mention made of the companies being in one table and the contacts being in a second one.  The unspoken but understood part of the request was, “can you figure out how to get all of this into our CRM program?” In other words, “can you make this headache go away?”

Our answer?   Yes. Of course!Headache

Leads are the lifeblood of every business.  Every B2B company needs to generate, follow-up and manage new leads effectively to cultivate and grow sales.  But budgets are tight, and staff and expertise in varied resources are often in short supply to properly manage everything.   Trade show leads, 800# calls, emails, web form submissions, leads from marketing automation and email campaigns must be followed-up, qualified, distributed to your sales team and followed up to maximize marketing ROI.  Do you have the system, people and expertise in place to do it all…effectively?

That’s why every company needs a “Lead Management Department”!

Any software you might use is simply a tool in the toolbox.  CRM and Marketing Automation programs along with Email Campaign management software can help with execution in a “perfect world”, but worlds are rarely perfect.  Do you have the people who can respond quickly to the day-to-day lead and other processing needs?  People who can put together and execute your email campaign and provide delivery and response reports?  People who can customize your CRM program or generate much needed reports?  Staff who can format and import a variety of file formats from different vendors?

That’s why companies turn to Ultimate Lead. We’re the Lead Management Department you wish you had in house.  We reduce headaches and costs, too!  Regardless of whether you have a CRM or other software platform in place, chances are Ultimate Lead has the marketing support services that can help make your marketing more effective and productive.

Who needs a Lead Management Department?  If you are serious about maximizing marketing ROI then you do.  So the next time you and your marketing team are feeling overwhelmed, or think “there has got to be a better way to do this”, consider giving Ultimate Lead a look and a call. We think your next question will be, “Why didn’t I call them sooner?”

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