Customer Relationship Management

The CRM solution your sales team will actually want to use!

ULTIMATE LEAD CRM is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management program that works the way your sales team does.  Designed by sales pros for sales pros, it provides a complete view of customers, prospects and sales opportunities in the “pipeline”.  It makes it easier for your sales team to collaborate, better serve your customers’ needs and close more sales.

The simpler, easier CRM programSalesguy_with_laptop_s

Now you can manage accounts, contacts, sales opportunities, relationships, tasks, call reports and attachments in one, intuitive space. Dashboards make it easy to track follow-up, sales opportunities by stage, overdue tasks, “wins & losses,” and much more. Reps can establish simple account forecasts. Management can track goal achievement. Together, you can improve overall sales efficiency and performance.

ULTIMATE LEAD CRM is easy, effective, smart…and affordable!

Program Highlights

  • 360 degree view of accounts, contacts, call reports, sales opportunities and more
  • Track sales call activity by account, sales opportunity and sales person
  • Track accounts and sales opportunities through sales stages
  • Attach documents to accounts, sales opportunities and call reports (PDF, DOC, XLSX, etc.)
  • Create relationships between accounts (parent, subsidiaries, distributors, etc.)
  • Generate email reminders, activity notices and push reporting
  • Accessible anywhere via the web
  • Compatible with tablet PCs
  • Track “wins & losses” and goal attainment

Useful featurescrm_grid_sample

  • Google Maps for plotting accounts, leads and getting directions
  • Email notices for new leads, follow-up call reminders and more
  • Hover over call reports in the grid to read historical call reports faster
  • Quick search feature to easily find contacts, accounts and more

Integrate with your existing systems

  • Secure access through your corporate portal
  • Aesthetic color schemes to match your portal’s look and feel
  • Secure links to internal data sources
  • API for third-party software integration and ERP systems

Customer Relationship Management services

Get your CRM program up and running quickly

Set Up Your Customer Relationship Management


We set-up your program, so you are up and running fast. From user viewing privileges to sales territories and more, we make your roll-out easy

Train the Sales Team


ULTIMATE LEAD  provides training to ensure a successful launch and ongoing program. We are here to help

Customize Your CRM Software


Our IT team can customize the program and facilitate integration with your in-house systems and third-party applications

Enjoy Timely Tech Support


With a top-notch support team in-house, we are here to help you with all of your CRM and Sales Lead Management processing and questions

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