Does your CRM Training Follow the 20-60-20 Rule?

TrainingIt’s all about the CRM training…

Today’s CRM programs typically offer so many features users require “Ground School.”  Even programs that are intuitive and relatively easy to use have a learning curve that can be steep.  So success demands good training.

Successful CRM implementations require three things:

1. Meeting stakeholder needs

2. Ease of use

3. Training

  Oh…and did I mention “Training”?

I recently participated in a user training session for 30 sales people for the launch of their new CRM program.  Training sessions are always revealing.

During the morning break, the sales director leading the session commented to me about his “20-60-20” Rule. Intrigued, I asked him to explain. He stated that in his years of training experience, about 20% of people “get it” right away; 60% require more effort; and 20%, no matter how hard they try, just never seem to get it.

If true how can management expect to achieve CRM success if 20% or more of their sales people can’t figure out how to use the system?  How can users meet the compliance expectations?

A CRM program becomes “easy-to-use” if it is intuitive and all users “get it.” That requires proper training, support, user feedback, monitoring and yes… more training!  As you evaluate your CRM implementation plan, whether new or existing, give a serious look at your training plan.  CRM software is a tool, and a sophisticated one at that.  No one ever learned to fly a plane without serious training.  Your sales people and your CRM program can take flight if you provide the same.

Training suggestions include: 1) Approach training from the users’ perspective. Key in on those points that will make the sales person’s job easier and more effective; 2) Keep it simple. don’t try to cover too many things in the training session.  3) Plan on multiple training sessions. CRM and lead management programs are robust and there is too much to learn in a single session.  4) Have trainee’s perform specific exercises during the session to make sure they come away comfortable with those program features.  On going training to learn new features, reinforce earlier training and to answer questions build competency.

What kind of CRM training do you provide?  What kind of training provides the best results for your team?  Sales success demands it.

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