5 Reasons Sales People Don’t Perform

Sales PeopleWith 20 years in the sales and marketing arena working with a variety of clients and hundreds of sales and marketing management types, I’ve seen a lot of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to managing a sales force. Research on CRM over the past ten years has consistently shown that roughly 50% of the initiatives fail.  There are a number of reasons of course, but my good friend and HR Performance & Training consultant, Cheryl Jankowski, shared with me 5 Basic Reasons People Don’t Perform.  They apply not only to sales people but to just about everyone in any organization.

The 5 Basic Reasons Sales People Don’t Perform:

  1. People don’t know how to do what needs to be done.
      This is a training issue that can be easily addressed.  (Reason: Training)
  2. People don’t want to.
    This is an attitudinal issue best addressed through identifying the problem attitude, training and
          having appropriate consequences and corrective actions.  (Reason:  Attitudinal)
  3. People don’t know “what” to do.
          This is a leadership/management issue where roles and responsibilities need to be
    clearly spelled out.    (Reason: Leadership)
  4. People cannot perform due to process barriers.
          Organizational barriers don’t permit the performance.  (Reason: Organizational)
  5. People don’t have the ability.
    Not their fault.  You hired the wrong people for the job. (Reason: Competency & Hiring)

There is often a lot of “finger pointing” and playing of the blame game in organizations when performance isn’t what it should be.  I’ve noticed this often between sales and marketing departments.  Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, identified traits that lead companies to great success.  Two of those traits include being brutally honest about all things, and stopping those things that aren’t working.  In order to do that it helps to understand what prevents people from performing successfully so you can take the appropriate steps to correct the situation.  These 5 unique insights help you do that.  Of course, management must lead the charge and make the change.  Cheryl can help companies develop programs to overcome these obstacles to performance and more.

My thanks to Cheryl Jankowski for sharing.  If you would like to learn more about and her performance improvement services Click Here.

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